Sioux Falls Mr. Bendo Muffler Man in South Dakota

Here’s another Mr. Bendo Muffler Man — this one outside of Buck’s Muffler in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sorry for the horrible quality of these photos, but it was late and I was in a rush after convincing my traveling companion to just let me make one more stop. This muffler man has been around …

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Mr. Bendo Muffler Man in Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Bendo Muffler Man in Chicago, Illinois (Blue Ridge, Georgia)

Muffler men are tall fiberglass sculptures created by International Fiberglass in Venice, California, that were once popular advertising icons on the roads of America. There were many types of this roadside attraction produced — classic, Bunyan, cowboy, Indian — and they are found holding everything from hot dogs to American Flags. Another type is the …

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ROAD TRIP Light painting

Road Trip! Photos From a Quick Illinois Road Trip

ROAD TRIP! Over the weekend I took a quick Illinois road trip and drove around to a few roadside attractions near Chicago to check out a few of the best Illinois roadside attractions. I’ve already seen all of these oddities on previous road trips, but they were all worth a second look. It was a …

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Jelly Belly Center Tour in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Jelly Belly Center Tour in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Saturday morning I was picked up bright and early and we shuffled off to Wisconsin. We had a full day ahead of Milwaukee-area goodness and I couldn’t wait! On our road trip itinerary was a Brewers Game at Miller Park and dinner at Safe House Spy-Themed Restaurant, but we had one special stop to make …

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World's Largest Pencil at the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri

World’s Largest Pencil – City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri

The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri is known for all the crazy things you’ll find inside. There are caves, taxidermy, a skateless skatepark, 10-feet slides, and an oversized praying mantis. But it is also home to one of our favorite giant things: The World’s Largest Pencil! The world’s largest pencil was originally built by …

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World's Largest Underwear at City Museum's Museum of Mirth, Mystery and Mayhem in St. Louis, Missouri.

World’s Largest Underwear at the City Museum in St. Louis

Let me brief you on this Missouri roadside attraction. Come to the City Museum‘s Beatnik Bob’s and you can take a gander at the world’s largest underwear! The world’s largest pair of underwear measures in at seven feet wide and six feet tall with a 16-foot long waistband. It was made in 1997 by local …

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The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.

The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri

Confession: I am afraid of heights. Actually, I am afraid of falling from heights. I did OK at the top of the Eiffel Tower, for instance. Because I was caged in just so that I was fine. But I am not going anywhere near the glass floored projection on top of the Sears Tower anytime …

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The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

I had only ever driven past St. Louis’s Gateway Arch twice before: on my way into and out of Missouri last summer on a road trip around the state. At 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide, the Arch is the tallest national monument in the United States, making it an easy icon to spot …

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Space sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Space Sculpture in Fremont, Seattle, Washington

Across the street from the infamous Lenin statue in the Fremont neighborhood is Seattle, Washington is another roadside attraction. A 3D Space sculpture representing the cosmos. Since Fremont is known as the Center of the Universe it is only fitting to have an art piece devoted to, well, the universe! The artwork features a mixed-media …

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The Fremont Rocket, a roadside attraction in Seattle, Washington.

The Fremont Rocket in Seattle, Washington

Back in 1991 when the center of the universe was discovered, it was decided that Fremont (a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington and, indeed, the center of the universe) needed a monument that would capture their new status in the world. Many ideas were passed around as to what that monument should be, But, when a …

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