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Explore Pennsylvania roadside attractions and other tourist traps, restaurants, stops, and detours to add to your Pennsylvania road trip itinerary.

Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Roadside Attractions

Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania

Is there life on Mars? We may never know. Is there life in Mars, Pennsylvania? There certainly is. Mars, Pennsylvania is a town with an unusual name. But the citizens embrace their celestial moniker and even erected a roadside attraction in it’s honor: a real-life flying saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania. Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania...

Virginia/North Carolia Road Trip

Road Trip to Virginia (and North Carolina): Day 1

This morning I took off on my road trip to Virginia (and North Carolina) and here’s the lesson of the day: while I try to be a good driver who follows the rules of the road there are times that I will break those rules. Like when there is a sign that says no passing for the next seven miles and I am behind a guy driving a horse and buggy. I woke up this morning...