Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Roadside Attractions

The 15 Best Pennsylvania Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Pennsylvania road trip and want to find all the best Pennsylvania roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving across the state, traversing the Lincoln Highway, or heading to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell (or eat a cheesesteak), you won’t want to miss these fifteen must-see places to go in … Read more

Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Roadside Attractions

Flying Saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania

Is there life on Mars? We may never know. Is there life in Mars, Pennsylvania? There certainly is. Mars, Pennsylvania is a town with an unusual name. But the citizens embrace their celestial moniker and even erected a roadside attraction in it’s honor: a real-life flying saucer in Mars, Pennsylvania. This spaceship saucer looks like … Read more

Virginia/North Carolia Road Trip

Road Trip to Virginia (and North Carolina): Day 1

This morning I took off on my road trip to Virginia (and North Carolina) and here’s the lesson of the day: while I try to be a good driver who follows the rules of the road there are times that I will break those rules. Like when there is a sign that says no passing … Read more