Pinkie the Pink Elephant in DeForest, Wisconsin. Giant Pink Elephant with Glasses roadside attraction in Wisconsin.

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World's Largest Six-Pack of Beer, a roadside attraction in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The 15 Best Wisconsin Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Wisconsin road trip and want to find all the best Wisconsin roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’ve driving across I-94 or spending a weekend getaway in Milwaukee, you won’t want to miss these these 15 must-see places to go in Wisconsin. They’re fun pit stops on the road and great additions to your travel itinerary...

Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska - Stonehenge made from cars roadside attraction in Nebraska.

The 15 Best Nebraska Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. Carhenge2. Hay Bale Rest Stop3. Stile di Famiglia (Family Style) Giant Fork with Spaghetti4. Fort Cody Trading Post5. Museum of the Fur Trade6. World’s Largest Porch Swing7. Lee’s Legendary Marbles & Collectibles & The World’s Largest Collection of Marbles8. Kool-Aid: Discover the Dream & The Birthplace of Kool-Aid9...

World’s Largest Time Capsule in Seward, Nebraska

World’s Largest Time Capsule in Seward, Nebraska

Just outside of Lincoln, on an unassuming road, in the Southeast part of Nebraska, you’ll find a big pyramid-shaped object next to a sideways zigzag protruding from the ground. This is the world’s largest time capsule. And you won’t believe what’s inside! The late Harold Keith Davisson (1907-1999), a local writer, store owner, and historian, built...

Giant Superman Statue in Metropolis, Illinois.

The 15 Best Illinois Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. The World’s Largest Catsup Bottle2. The Gemini Giant3. Two-Story Outhouse4. Leaning Tower of Niles5. One and Only Hippie Memorial6. Kaskaskia Dragon7. Statue of the World’s Tallest Man, Robert Wadlow8. Statue of Popeye (and friends)9. Gold Pyramid House10. Superman Statue11. Cross at the Crossroads: America’s Largest Cross12...

Danish Windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa | Iowa Roadside Attractions

Working Danish Windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa

Why is there a Danish Windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa? Elk Horn and nearby Kimballton (home of the Little Mermaid fountain) make up the largest Danish settlement in the United States. In the 1940s the town raised over $30,000 to buy one for themselves and have it shipped over from Denmark. The Danish windmill was built in Norre Snede, Denmark in 1848. In 1976, it was...

50 Best Road Trip Quotes to Inspire Your Adventures

50 Best Road Trip Quotes to Inspire Your Adventures

I love road trips and am always ready to pack up the car, pull out a map, and start an adventure. These road trip quotes might just inspire you to do the same. Not all of these sayings were originally quotes about road trips, but, all the same, they are meant to make you think, make you laugh, or to inspire you to hit the road and plan your next journey. From funny...

The Givins Castle in Chicago, Illinois. The only castle in Chicago. Open House Chicago.

The Givins Castle in Chicago, Illinois

The Robert C. Givins Castle, also known as the “Irish Castle” or just “The Castle,” is a marvel of medieval-inspired architecture at home in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The building, the only castle in Chicago, sits at the corner of 103rd Street and Longwood Drive in the Beverly community on Chicago’s south side. Since 1942, the...

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in Minnesota - Minneapolis roadside attractions in Minnesota

Hahn/Cock: a Big Blue Rooster in Minneapolis (and London)

Cock a doodle blue! This big blue rooster is an newly iconic sculpture at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at Walker Art Center in Minnesota. Titled “Hahn/Cock” it’s the work of German artist Katharina Fristch…and it might just have you seeing double! “Hahn/Cock” is named using both the German and English words for rooster (but not...