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World's Largest Tire in Allen Park, Michigan

The 15 Best Michigan Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Michigan road trip and want to find all the best Michigan roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving I94 to Detroit, exploring the Upper Peninsula, traversing the River Road Scenic Byway, or taking the M-22 Circle Tour, you won’t want to miss these...

Big Boy Statue - I-94 Exit 169 in Michigan

Big Boy Restaurant & Statues in Michigan

Big Boy Restaurants launched in 1936 and until this weekend I had never seen one in person. The chain began in Glendale, California but moved its headquarters to Warren, Michigan in the late 1980s by one of the many owners the restaurant has seen over the years. There are 455 Big Boy...

The Lobster Zone - Mallie's Famous Lobster Tank

The Lobster Zone – Mallie’s Famous Lobster Tank

OK, so have you ever played one of those claw games? You know what I’m talking about, there is a tank full of plush toys and you insert a quarter or two and you maneuver a claw to try to pick one up and inevitably it will grab the stuffed bear by the snout but fail to pull it up...

Guinness World Record for Biggest Hamburger at Mallie's Sport Bar and Grill in Southgate, Michigan

Guinness World Record for Biggest Hamburger

Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Southgate, Michigan isn’t just your typical sports bar. Yes, the game is most certainly on one of many, many, televisions. Yes, they have beer. And yes, they have food…even if that food might be more than you bargained for. Over...

Chicago to Southgate, Michigan Road Trip Recap

Apparently Michigan is in the Eastern time zone. In retrospect I probably already knew that but it never occurred to me to even check. Luckily, I was alerted to this fact the night before I was taking my Southgate, Michigan road trip and driving from Chicago to Detroit (or, at least...