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Airplane Service Station in Powell, Tennessee

The 15 Best Tennessee Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Tennessee road trip and want to find all the best Tennessee roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving across the state on I-40, traversing one of the state’s many scenic byways, vacationing in Memphis, or visiting the Grand Ole Opry in...

Statue of Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis Statue in Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis Aaron Presley, known to most simply as Elvis, was a singer, actor, all around entertainer, and the King of Rock and Roll. There are many attractions devoted to The King, but this bronze Elvis statue in Memphis, Tennessee is a must-see when visiting the city and checking out Beale...

Airplane Service Station in Powell, Tennessee

Airplane Service Station in Powell, Tennessee

I have a good friend who is really into documentaries. He’s the type of guy who gave up his car and high fructose corn syrup and is anti-big business war and pro-healthcare. So, the other day, after watching a documentary on Rock-afire Explosion I happened upon on Hulu, I proudly...

Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee.

Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee

I was on my way home from a week-long road trip that took me through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (home of the Mars flying saucer), Virginia, and North Carolina. The return trip had me rushing home on I-75 through Tennessee. I was tired, exhausted, maybe speeding a little more that I...