About Silly America

Silly America is a roadside attractions blog designed to help travelers find unique stops for their next road trip.

The landscape of America is full of silly little (and often big) things that some people may pay no heed to or others find as eyesores: roadside attractions. They are objects that might make you wonder “who put that there,” “where did that come from,” “what were they thinking?” These things are sometimes in the big cities and sometimes in the suburbs and oftentimes in those little towns you’d never think to go to or have driven through without paying a second look.

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These roadside attractions give a sense of humor and a sense of wonder to America: nostalgic entities and marvelous objects that make this country what it is. They are beautiful items that have history and reason and often drive people into places they might otherwise overlook. Roadside attractions are essential to the backdrop of America.

Silly America celebrates these things. It is a tribute to the great American road trip, devoted to all that is odd in America: roadside attractions, tourist traps, peculiar destinations, bizarre events, road food, fun festivals, and more! It’s a travel website and trip planner for those seeking an offbeat road trip.


Val is the founder and head road tripper at Silly America. Having grown up near Berwyn's famed car kabob, The Spindle, and a restaurant with a cow on its roof, her fascination to roadside attractions started early. Val blogs about her life, travels, and cats on her personal blog, Choosing Figs.