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Roadside Attractions in Kansas

Explore Kansas roadside attractions and other tourist traps, restaurants, stops, and detours to add to your Kansas road trip itinerary.

Greetings from Galena mural in Galena, Kansas on Route 66

Greetings from Galena mural in Galena, Kansas

Kansas might hold the smallest section of Route 66, but it packs in the sites. Be sure to pull over and visit the Greetings from Galena mural in Galena, Kansas and also check out some of the popular sites depicted within. The mural was designed by Chris Auckerman and Jon White of Images in Tile in 2013. Find it surrounded by a small mural park on the southwest corner...

Gemini Giant muffler man at the Launching Pad in Wilmington, Illinois

Cars on the Route in Galena, Kansas

Welcome to Radiator Springs. I mean, Kansas. Galena, Kansas. A town on Route 66 that partially inspired the Pixar movie Cars and where you can meet Tow Mater himself at Cars on the Route. Cars is a Pixar movie set in a world where anthropomorphic talking cars populate the world. A racer,  Lightning McQueen, gets lost and finds himself in Radiator Springs, a...

The best Kansas roadside attractions to visit on a Kansas road trip. Add these roadside oddities to your travel bucket list, itinerary, or route map!

The 15 Best Kansas Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Kansas road trip and want to find all the best Kansas roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving across the state on I-70, traversing one of the state’s many scenic byways, taking the tiniest of adventures on Route 66, or vacationing in Wichita or Topeka, you won’t want to miss these fifteen must-see places to go in Kansas...

Large Old-Fashioned Iron Sculpture - a roadside attraction in Kansas City, Kansas

Large Old-Fashioned Iron Sculpture in Kansas City, Kansas

Here’s a large old-fashioned iron sculpture that we found on a road trip to in Kansas City, Kansas! The big statue sits in a little triangular plot of grass in a park that divides the roads at Central Avenue, 14th Street, and Wilson Boulevard in town It’s a PRESSING matter that you see this Kansas roadside attraction! So iron out the details and hit the...

Double hamburger with cheese and a 50/50 of fries and onion rings at Winstead's in Overland Park, Kansas

Winstead’s in Overland Park, Kansas

I had read about Winstead’s in Hamburger America where George Motz declared that the Kansas City institution served one of the best burgers in America. I had wanted to try it but had resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t have time while in the area…and then, low and behold, as we pulled off the road to our hotel there was a Winstead’s right out...

Tim Gravy Brown at a Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest in Kansas City, Missouri.

Missouri Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest

Saturday I woke up at around 8am and enjoyed the hotel’s free continental breakfast. Actually I just ate cereal and then kicked myself when I saw that around the corner they had biscuits and gravy that I missed! My friend and travel companion Brian skipped the breakfast, he didn’t want to eat anything before his big competitive eating debut at the...