UMR Stonehenge Replica in Rolla, Missouri

Replica of Stonehenge in Rolla, Missouri

Find this Stonehenge replica in Rolla, Missouri, at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) campus. The recreation, also known as UMR Stonehenge or “stubby Stonehenge” (for its squat appearance), is a half size partial replica of the ancient original, and located right on ole Route 66. Work began on this …

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Foamhenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia - Roadside Attractions in Virginia

Foamhenge in Centreville, Virginia (Formerly Natural Bridge)

Can’t make it to England to cross Stonehenge off your bucket list? No worries. Did you know you can see the next best thing right here in the United States? That’s right, who needs to take a plane all the way overseas to see a pile of rocks when you can stay stateside and see …

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Stonehenge Roadside Attractions

Stonehenge Replicas in the US

I’ve never been to Stonehenge. But I have been to several Stonehenge replicas in the US. Stonehenge, the original Stonehenge, is an ancient monument in Wiltshire, England. Built between 3000 and 1520 BCE, the site features large stacked stones made from sarsen stones (silicified sandstone) and bluestones (a dolomite variation). The key feature of this …

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Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee.

Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee

I was on my way home from a week-long road trip that took me through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (home of the Mars flying saucer), Virginia, and North Carolina. The return trip had me rushing home on I-75 through Tennessee. I was tired, exhausted, maybe speeding a little more that I should. That lackadaisical end of …

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Little Roadside Tavern Bear in Everson, Washington - Carved bear roadside attraction outside of the Little Roadside Tavern in Everson, Washington.

Little Roadside Tavern Bear in Everson, Washington.

A carved bear raises a beer and hides a cub outside of the Little Roadside Tavern in Everson, Washington. We saw this Washington roadside attraction last year on our road trip from Seattle, Washington to Hyder, Alaska, along with the Big Rooster in Nooksack and the Gold Prospector Statue in Sumas. Site: Carved Little Roadside Tavern …

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World's Largest Soccer Ball, a roadside attraction in Kansas City, Missouri.

World’s Largest Soccer Ball in Kansas City, Missouri

The World Cup is going on! I think…unless it’s over… Admittedly, I don’t really follow sports and don’t really care to watch soccer (or football or footie or whatever else you call it). But everyone in this world seems to be going mad for it right now. The last time I willingly watched a soccer …

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Giant Morel Mushroom, a roadside attraction in Nevada, Missouri.

Giant Morel Mushroom in Nevada, Missouri

Holy shiitake – this next Missouri roadside attraction is definitely a fun guy! (Fun guy — fungi — get it? Get it???) This 30-foot giant morel mushroom lives on the side of the road about 3 miles north of Nevada, Missouri and is the biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen. Is this the world’s largest morel …

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Maxie: The World's Largest Goose in Sumner, Missouri

Maxie: The World’s Largest Goose in Sumner, Missouri

There are many big birds in this world. From the World’s Largest Pelican in Minnesota to the World’s Largest Mallard Duck in Alberta, Canada to, well, that giant yellow one that lives on Sesame Street. But only one bird holds the title of the World’s Largest Goose: and boy is she a beauty! In Sumner, …

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Novelty Golf in Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Novelty Golf Minigolf in Lincolnwood, Illinois

It’s the summer of 2010 and you’re watching television and this Novelty Golf commercial comes on your HD flat screen TV… …and you might wonder if you’ve skipped 20 or so years back in time. Or, if you’re like me, you think “OMG I HAVE TO GO.” Luckily last weekend a friend was visiting and …

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New giant hot dogs on the roof of Superdawg Wheeling.

Superdawg Wheeling’s new giant hot dogs!

Being a Chicagoan has many advantages…one of those most definitely being that we have some of the best hot dog choices the country has to offer. Whether you love Portillo’s or Hot Doug’s, Gene and Judes or The Wiener’s Circle, there is definitely one place that stands in a league of its own…so much so …

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