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Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s time to STEER you towards this next roadside attraction: the Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. No bull, this giant steer is painted black and white and wears a bright red chef’s hat and bib. The fiberglass big cow was built by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, Wisconsin...

Flopsy and the Bronze Fonz in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Flopsy’s Day Off

I had a hard decision to make when I left on my ’round the world trip. Do I take my beloved jackalope, and Silly America’s mascot, Flopsy? Or, do I leave him behind? In the end I decided that Flopsy would be better off at home. On road trips he mostly stays in the car except...

Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Safe House : Milwaukee Spy-Themed Restaurant

You’re in Milwaukee and walking down a nondescript alley. You come across a plaque for an importer/exporter business. It’s something you wouldn’t normally pay attention to, but for some reason you are drawn to check it out. So you open the door and peak inside. A woman...

Brewers game at Millers Park in Milwaukee.

Brewers Game at Miller Park

After the Jelly Belly Factory Tour on Saturday, we took off for destination number 2: Miller Park! We were taking in a Brewers pre-season game (with tickets behind home plate for only $10, why not?) I really like Miller Park. Why? They have a dome. And on a rainy chilly day like Saturday...