The best Alaska roadside attractions to visit on an Alaska road trip. Add these roadside oddities to your travel bucket list, itinerary, or route map!

The 15 Best Alaska Roadside Attractions

Are you planning an Alaska road trip and want to find all the best Alaska roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving the Alaska Highway, popping off a cruise, exploring Denali National Park, or vacationing in Anchorage, Juneau, or Fairbanks, you won’t want to miss these fifteen must-see places to go in Alaska. They’re … Read more

For your safety stay on boardwalk sign at the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site at the Tongass National Forest in Hyder, Alaska.

Bear Watching at Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site in Hyder, Alaska

If there is one thing Hyder, Alaska and its surrounding areas is known for (besides, of course, getting Hyderized…), it’s bears! And the best place to look for Hyder bear viewing is Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site. Of course, I didn’t actually SEE any bears while I was in Hyder there (although there was, apparently, … Read more