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Roadside Attractions in South Dakota

Explore South Dakota roadside attractions and other tourist traps, restaurants, stops, and detours to add to your South Dakota road trip itinerary.

Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City, South Dakota

Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City, South Dakota

Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City, South Dakota is a phenomenon of a place where gravity and the laws of nature go out the window. Watch water flow and balls roll up a ledge. Switch places with a friend and magically grow. Walk dizzily through a house not knowing up from down. Stand sideways on a wall. See it all on a tour of this South Dakota roadside attraction...

Ride the Jackalope at Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota

The 15 Best South Dakota Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a South Dakota road trip and want to find all the best South Dakota roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re driving across the state on I-90, taking a trip to Mount Rushmore, or traversing one of the state’s many scenic byways, you won’t want to miss these fifteen must-see places to go in South Dakota. They’re fun road trip stops...

Storybook Island in Rapid City, South Dakota

Storybook Island in Rapid City, South Dakota

Once upon a time a Silly American road tripper took a road trip to Mount Rushmore and found a fairy tale location along the way: Storybook Island in Rapid City, South Dakota. Pirate Pig Built in 1959, Storybook Island Rapid City SD is a children’s play area and family theme park with a fairy tale twist. There are play sets, interactive exhibits, and Instagram...

Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota

Where the heck is Wall Drug in South Dakota?

I knew about Wall Drug in South Dakota long before I knew what Wall Drug Store was. My ten-year-older-than-me sister had taken a road trip in college and brought back for me “Where the heck is the Wall Drug?” bumper sticker. I was confused about what this slogan meant, never mind the fact that I was years from being able to drive, still I kept it in a box...

Sioux Falls Mr. Bendo Muffler Man in South Dakota

Here’s another Mr. Bendo Muffler Man — this one outside of Buck’s Muffler in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sorry for the horrible quality of these photos, but it was late and I was in a rush after convincing my traveling companion to just let me make one more stop. Sioux Falls Mr. Bendo Muffler Man in South Dakota This muffler man has been around since 1963...

The Sinclair Oil Dinosaur at a Gas Station in South Dakota.

The Sinclair Oil Dinosaur – Gas Station in South Dakota

If you had a choice of stopping for gas at a gas station with a big green dinosaur or one without a big green dinosaur, which would you choose? Duh. No contest. Obviously you’d choose gas station with a green dinosaur. And that is why Sinclair gas stations are the perfect stop for roadside-attraction loving road trippers: they have the Sinclair Oil Dinosaur...

Rapid City Dinosaur Park in South Dakota

Rapid City Dinosaur Park in South Dakota

On May 22, 1936, a herd of dinosaurs officially made their home in Rapid City, South Dakota, and they haven’t moved since. No need to feel alarmed though! There is no Jurassic Park situation going on here! The hill-top Rapid City Dinosaur Park is merely a playground for giant green cartoon-like sculptures — not real reptiles! The dinosaur park in rapid...

Men made from tires, a roadside attraction in Rapid City, South Dakota

Men Made From Tires in Rapid City, South Dakota

A couple of friendly-looking men made from tires stand outside of the Tires Tires Tires tire shop (now The Tire Guys) in Rapid City, South Dakota! Take a look: These red, white, and blue rubber figures were built by Ron Tyrrell, the man who owns Tires, Tires, Tires, the shop they stand in front of (now The Tire Guys). Dubbed Tire Man and Buddy these South Dakota...

Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore road trip itinerary (& things to see on the way)

And I’m back from my Labor Day Mount Rushmore road trip from Chicago to South Dakota and back! It was quite the whirlwind of adventure! I have to admit that my list of roadside attractions to see on the route was pretty ambitious, but we managed to make it to twenty-nine attractions in four days! (Including two that weren’t on my itinerary and not...