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Foamhenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia - Roadside Attractions in Virginia

The 15 Best Virginia Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Virginia road trip and want to find all the best Virginia roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’re planning to traverse Skyline Drive or the Blue Ridge Parkway, drive across the state, or vacation on Virginia Beach, you won’t want to miss these fifteen must...

Giant cast iron pan in Roanoke, Virginia

Giant Cast Iron Skillet in Roanoke, Virginia

At home I have a mini cast iron pan. It’s about four inches long and I use it to make delectable single-serving side dishes and casseroles. This giant cast iron skillet is certainly bigger than four inches wide and may not be the world’s largest frying pan, but is by far the...

Muffler Man in Roanoke, Virginia

Bunyan Muffler Man in Roanoke, Virginia

This Bunyan Muffler Man in Roanoke, Virginia stands outside Williamson Road Service Center. When I saw this roadside attraction on a Virginia road trip in 2010 he was sporting a thick black beard and wearing a red shirt, tan pants, and black boots. In his right hand he held out a tire and...

Big Pencil in Wytheville, Virginia - Roadside Attractions in Virginia

Big Pencil in Wytheville, Virginia

Time for a pop quiz! Let’s all get out our number two pencils! And trust me, you’re going to need a BIG pencil for this one! What? You don’t have a pencil? You can’t find your pencil bag? Your tip broke? You don’t have a pencil sharpener? You lost it? You...

Giant Roller Skate in Bealeton, Virginia - Roadside Attractions in Virginia

Giant Roller Skate in Bealeton, Virginia

Disco lights, pop music, couples skates, a wobbly hokey pokey, nachos from the snack bar, holding onto the side railing for dear life, falling over, racing in circles, gossiping with girlfriends, trying to go backwards, watching your crush go by, that one girl who could do all the...

Foamhenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia - Roadside Attractions in Virginia

Foamhenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia

Can’t make it to England to cross Stonehenge off your bucket list? No worries. Did you know you can see the next best thing right here in the United States? That’s right, who needs to take a plane all the way overseas to see a pile of rocks when you can stay stateside and see...

View from the mountains in North Carolina

North Carolina Road Trip: Day 6

Thursday. After a day in Charlottesville. After a bagel. After a quick stop at the rest area because Flopsy needed a bathroom break. After a detour to see one last Virginia roadside attraction, a big pencil. I left Virginia and began my North Carolina road trip. I headed out to Mt. Airy...

Scenic overlooks in Virginia - Virginia Road Trip

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 5

It’s weird how unweird things are sometimes. Like how you can spend a night hanging out with someone you met in a bar in a foreign country two years ago and hadn’t seen since and how it’s weird but not really that weird at the same time. Like Wednesday. Wednesday, after...

Bacon formations at Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: Days 3 & 4

Sometimes a road trip seems to take a day or two too long. It can happen when you need to get from point A to point B to point C and point B is only in town on a Wednesday and point C is going on on a Saturday and there was no reason not to leave point A on the previous Saturday. And so...