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Gene's Sausage Shop rooftop cow. Giant cow statue in Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois.

Gene’s Sausage Shop Rooftop Cow in Chicago

Have you ever found a roadside attraction hidden in your own backyard? I have. Meet the giant cow statue at the Gene’s Sausage Shop rooftop beer and wine garden in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. In 1972, Polish immigrants John and Gene Luszcz, opened a small...

Giant cast iron pan in Roanoke, Virginia

Giant Cast Iron Skillet in Roanoke, Virginia

At home I have a mini cast iron pan. It’s about four inches long and I use it to make delectable single-serving side dishes and casseroles. This giant cast iron skillet is certainly bigger than four inches wide and may not be the world’s largest frying pan, but is by far the...

Big Rooster in Nooksack, Washington

Big Rooster in Nooksack, Washington

On my road trip from Seattle to Hyder, Alaska we stumbled upon this Big Rooster in Nooksack, Washington. And, let me tell you, this Washington roadside attraction rules the roost! The fiberglass rooster once advertised a restaurant named Dunny’s in Everson. When I visited in 2009 it...

Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s time to STEER you towards this next roadside attraction: the Big Steer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. No bull, this giant steer is painted black and white and wears a bright red chef’s hat and bib. The fiberglass big cow was built by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, Wisconsin...

Baker Man Statue in Shirley, Indiana - Also Known as Mister Fifteen or Burger Man

Baker Man Statue in Shirley, Indiana

The Baker Man statue in Shirley, Indiana is a friendly, plump man dressed in orange striped pants and a white chef’s hat. He stands with a raised hand, waving at locals and road trippers who come to sneak a peek. His round figure has earned this Indiana roadside attraction the...