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Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska - Stonehenge made from cars roadside attraction in Nebraska.

The 15 Best Nebraska Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Nebraska road trip and want to find all the best Nebraska roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’ve driving across I-80 or exploring the Sandhills Journey, you won’t want to miss these 15 must-see places to go in Nebraska. They’re fun pit...

Justin Queal Home Run mural in Omaha, Nebraska - Omaha baseball mural street art

Justin Queal Home Run mural in Omaha, Nebraska

Driving East of Cuming Street in Omaha, Nebraska, you might find yourself confronted by a big, bright, red, white, and blue mural depicting a baseball player and a union laborer. That is the Home Run mural by local artist Justin Queal. And it’s worth pulling over to see for yourself...

Sinclair Dinosaur in Thedford, Nebraska at a Sinclair Gas Station on the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway | Nebraska Roadside Attractions

Sinclair Dinosaur in Thedford, Nebraska

If you’re taking a road trip and pass a Sinclair Gas Station it is required that you slow the car down to a crawl and carefully observe the property to see if there is an elusive dinosaur statue on site. And, if there is, if you see a Sinclair dino, you must immediately point and...

Camel and Pyramid in Cairo, Nebraska | Welcome to Cairo Sign | Roadside Attractions in Nebraska

Camel and Pyramid in Cairo, Nebraska

Cairo, Egypt is known for its great pyramids (and, well, camels). Cairo, Nebraska just might be known for the same thing. Cairo (pronounced KAIR-oh) is a 0.77 square mile town with a population of about 785 (2010) that’s located in Hall County, Nebraska. It was established in 1886...

The Spawning Salmon sculpture at Carhenge Roadside Attraction in Alliance, Nebraska - Giant Fish Sculpture at Carhenge

Car Art Reserve: Carhenge Artwork in Nebraska

Surrounding the Carhenge roadside attraction in Alliance, Nebraska (a replica of England’s Stonehenge made from cars) are some other interesting works of art that have been added throughout the years. Beyond the main attraction lies the field of Carhenge artwork is known as the Car...