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Tastee Treet in Sparta, Wisconsin

Tastee Treet in Sparta, Wisconsin

Midway through the first day of our Labor Day road trip, my travel companion and I were getting pretty darn hungry. We wanted to stop at somewhere more “local.” No Burger Kings or McDonald’s for us. So, as we had the World’s Largest Bicyclist and FAST: The Fiberglass...

Sissy the Cow - a giant fiberglass cow - in DeForest, Wisconsin

Sissy the Cow in DeForest, Wisconsin

And speaking of large fiberglass cows (such as Bessie The Cow In Janesville, Wisconsin)… Just down the street from the Pink Elephant in Glasses tourist attraction is another large fiberglass animal: Sissy the Cow. Sissy is a two-ton black and white Holstein that stands at 19 feet...