Dueling Pepsi and Coca-Cola Murals in Galena, Kansas

I see a lot of funny things on my road trips: World’s Largest Whales, giant catsup bottles, hotels shaped like a potato. But sometimes something seemingly simple also gives me a chuckle. While stopping in Galena, Kansas on my Route 66 road trip I happened upon these dueling Pepsi and Coca-Cola Murals across the street from each other and their bantering juxtaposition gave me a laugh.

New Vintage Coca-Cola Mural in Galena, Kansas on Route 66

Route 66 Coca-Cola Mural

101 E 7th St, Galena, Kansas

The Coca-Cola Mural in Galena, Kansas is a new work of art based on vintage designs. The 16 by 60 foot mural was completed by Mythiq Art & Mural from Joplin, Missouri and sponsored by the soda company in 2019. It can be found on the Schwartz Building on the corner of Route 66 and Main Street. The bright green and red painting says “Refresh Yourself” and “Drink Coca-Cola – Delicious and Refreshing” and includes a black and white Route 66 shield. Ironically it was painted over an old Pepsi sign.

Pepsi Route 66 mural in Galena, Kansas

Route 66 Pepsi Mural

66 W 7th St, Galena, Kansas

Across the street from the Galena Coca-Cola mural you can find a rival Pepsi mural that was painted sometime after. This mural features the soda company’s red and blue logo, a depiction of a vintage-style delivery truck, and a Kansas 66 shield.

Both of these murals can be found across the street from the Greetings from Galena mural and down the way from Cars on the Route.


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