Visiting Stewart, British Colombia, Canada.

Visiting Stewart, British Colombia & Alaska

We woke up pretty early and hit the road…Most of the pit stops of the day were to take photos of signs pointing to our main destination of the trip: Hyder, Alaska. Yes, yes, you can drive from Seattle to Alaska. Hyder is a small little town on the Canadian/British Columbian border accessibly by road. …

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The Space Needle reflected off of off of Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington.

2009 Crazy Stupid Vacation – Day 2 – Seattle

The first stop of our second day in Seattle was the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle Center. It was pretty cool but the best part was the special exhibit on the work of Jim Henson. We didn’t have time then to go to the second half of the museum: EMP, but hand stamps could be used …

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Coffee in Seattle

Seattle Vacation: Day 1

It was time to head off on my Seattle vacation! My alarm didn’t go off but luckily I was staying at my parents’ place so they could drive me to the airport and so my dad woke me up. It was 2:15am so I really only got 3 hours of sleep. In the shower I …

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World's Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri

Video Recap of the 2009 Missouri Road Trip!

A few weekends ago I took off for a road trip around Missouri! It was an awesome time and we saw a LOT! Here’s a video montage of a bunch of the crazy stops…The World’s Largest Fork! The World’s Largest Rocking Chair! The World’s Largest Pecan! And much much more! And of course there was …

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This is how we roll... Road Trip Car-aoke

This is how we roll… Road Trip Car-aoke

This post contains affiliate links from which Silly America might make a small commission, at no cost to you. It’s always Car-aoke on a Silly America Road Trip! Some disclaimers on the video I am about to share… Don’t try this at home. I suppose I should say don’t try this in your car. True …

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Guberburger at The Wheel Inn in Sedalia, Missouri - A Hamburger topped with Peanut Butter

Guberburger at The Wheel Inn puts Peanut Butter on a Hamburger

This is the reaction many people have to the famed Guberburger served at The Wheel Inn in Sedalia, Missouri: EW! Why? What is a Guberburger that makes it sound so…well…gross? Well, the Wheel Inn restaurant puts peanut butter on a hamburger…and it actually tastes way better than it sounds. The burger at Wheel Inn Sedalia, …

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Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri

Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri

Another Missouri road trip food stop we visited based off the suggestions in the book Hamburger America was Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri, a little old hamburger stand not too far off from the garment district’s giant needle and a must-stop place to eat on a Missouri road trip. The restaurant we visited …

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