Double hamburger with cheese and a 50/50 of fries and onion rings at Winstead's in Overland Park, Kansas

Winstead’s in Overland Park, Kansas

I had read about Winstead’s in Hamburger America where George Motz declared that the Kansas City institution served one of the best burgers in America. I had wanted to try it but had resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t have time while in the area…and then, low and behold, as we pulled off the …

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Route 66 Murals in Cuba, Missouri

Missouri Road Trip Day 3: Springfield to Chicago

Sunday, our third and final day of our Missouri Road Trip started in Springfield. The World’s Largest Fork was definitely the world’s largest fork. And the giant paper cup, while merely an entrance to a Solo cup plant, was quite impressive…even if we had to kind of illegally park it in a not really driveway …

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Missouri Road Trip - Day 2 - Kansas City Roadside Attraction

Kansas City Roadside Attractions: Missouri Road Trip Day 2

After the hot dog eating contest Brian and I hit the road for some more awesome adventures on our Missouri road trip! We took some time and explored some of the best Kansas City Roadside Attractions (both in Missouri and Kansas), first hitting up the World’s Largest Soccer Ball! But I don’t think we actually …

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Tim Gravy Brown at a Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest in Kansas City, Missouri.

Missouri Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest

Saturday I woke up at around 8am and enjoyed the hotel’s free continental breakfast. Actually I just ate cereal and then kicked myself when I saw that around the corner they had biscuits and gravy that I missed! My friend and travel companion Brian skipped the breakfast, he didn’t want to eat anything before his …

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World's Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri

World’s Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri (Former)

Today’s roadside attraction is so good it will drive you nuts: the (former) world’s largest pecan in Brunswick, Missouri! Driving down Hwy 24 in Brunswick, Missouri you’d certainly take faith in the town’s claim as being the “Pecan Capital of Missouri.” The road is speckled with signs for pecan stands and pecan festivals. It’s nuts! …

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Missouri Road Trip - Day 1 - The Road to Kansas City

Missouri Road Trip to Kansas City: Day 1

Friday morning I woke up in Chicago at 5am and was out the door around 5:45 on my way to Urbana, Illinois. I picked up my friend Brian at around 7am and we hit the road together. It was time for our Missouri Road Trip to Kansas City! Our three day Missouri road trip was …

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Big Boy Statue - I-94 Exit 169 in Michigan

Big Boy Restaurant & Statues in Michigan

Big Boy Restaurants launched in 1936 and until this weekend I had never seen one in person. The chain began in Glendale, California but moved its headquarters to Warren, Michigan in the late 1980s by one of the many owners the restaurant has seen over the years. There are 455 Big Boy restaurants in the …

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Chicago to Southgate, Michigan Road Trip Recap

Apparently Michigan is in the Eastern time zone. In retrospect I probably already knew that but it never occurred to me to even check. Luckily, I was alerted to this fact the night before I was taking my Southgate, Michigan road trip and driving from Chicago to Detroit (or, at least, close to Detroit) and …

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Men made from tires, a roadside attraction in Rapid City, South Dakota

Men Made From Tires in Rapid City, South Dakota

A couple of friendly-looking men made from tires stand outside of the Tires Tires Tires tire shop (now The Tire Guys) one of the tire shops in Rapid City, South Dakota! Take a look: These red, white, and blue rubber figures were built by Ron Tyrrell, the man who owns Tires, Tires, Tires, the shop …

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