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Best Junk Food Road Trip Snacks

Best Junk Food Road Trip Snacks (2023 List)

What do you reach for when you reach for a road trip snack? Something salty or something sweet? Something hot, cold, or off the shelf? Something healthy or something with as many calories as possible? If you answered healthy, this list might not be for you. But if you answered anything else for any of …

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The Best Road Trip Songs to Blast in the Car (+Playlists)

The Best Road Trip Songs to Blast in the Car in 2023 (+Playlists)

There’s nothing like taking an epic road trip. Driving by the seat of your pants, veering off the highway to explore the undiscovered roads, enjoying the surrounding scenery, rolling down all your windows, and, of course, blasting an epic playlist on your car’s radio. Every good road trip needs a good road trip soundtrack. So …

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Best Road Trip Games for Two

25 Best Road Trip Games for Two (2023 List)

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. When it comes to road trips, you can go it alone, you can go in a big group, or you can go with just you and your ride or die. Road trips for two require entertainment meant for two. And these road trip games for two will entertain you the …

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Road Trip Instagram Story Ideas

Road Trip Instagram Story Ideas for 2023

Hitting the open road? Instagram stories are one of the best ways to take your friends, family, and followers along for the ride on your road trip. With a 24-hour shelf life and an in-your-face design, these 9:16 snippets of life provide the perfect medium to overshare your trip and let others live vicariously through …

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Road Trip Games for Adults

55 Road Trip Games for Adults in 2023

Road trips are full of fun, adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and weird roadside attractions. But sometimes they also involve long stretches of driving with nothing on your itinerary and nothing but corn out your window. In those cases, you might be looking for something to keep you and your friends entertained in the car. Enter these …

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Old fashioned hotel service bell and Reception sign - Hotel Scavenger Hunt Game (+Free Printables)

Hotel Scavenger Hunt Game (+Free Printables)

Road trip games are always a fun way for passengers of any age to pass time in the car. Fun car games include Road Sign Bingo, the License Plate Game, Questions and Answers, and, of course, a road trip scavenger hunt! But the fun shouldn’t stop when you get to the hotel. There are plenty …

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Road Trip Captions for Instagram

200 Road Trip Captions for Instagram

The perfect travel photo deserves the perfect caption. But when a picture says 1,000 words, it is sometimes hard to find the right words to describe it. That’s where these road trip captions for Instagram come in. If you need a little inspiration for just what to say when posting your travel pics on social …

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Road Trip Puns - Crop Top Corn T shirt - Big Ear of Corn in Casey, Illinois Roadside Attraction

60 Road Trip Puns

I never get TIREd of making road trip puns! Just look at my Instagram account for proof. So I tried WHEELy hard to come up with some dad-joke worthy wordplay that will have you laughing out loud in the car. Use these road trip puns as funny Instagram captions for your travel photos or just …

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Games to Play in a Hotel - a mother and child playing Go Fish in a bed

Games to Play in a Hotel in 2023

Sometimes you have a long day on the road and just want to retire to your hotel room early, but aren’t quite ready for bed. Other times a rainy day might unexpectedly keep you inside longer than expected. You might think there is nothing to do in a hotel room other than watch a movie …

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Classic diner breakfast of blueberry pancakes, red hash, bacon, and fried eggs. Road Trip Breakfast Ideas.

Road Trip Breakfast Ideas

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is especially true on road trips. A good breakfast will give you the fuel you need to get the day going and keep you satisfied as you trek on. So what are some good road trip breakfast ideas? A good road …

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The Road Trip Journal & Activity Book - Everything You Need to Have and Record an Epic Road Trip! By Valerie Bromann

The Road Trip Journal & Activity Book

Everything You Need to Have and Record an Epic Road Trip!

BY Valerie Bromann

Enjoy fun games and challenges to pass the time on your next road trip and have a keepsake to look back on for years to come with this entertaining must-have for your next vacation.

The road trip you’ve been dreaming of starts here! Journal about your stops and get to know your fellow passengers with activities and exercises designed to pass the time and bring you closer together. Instead of “Are we there yet?” you’ll find yourself asking, “We’re there already?”. Complete with prompts you can turn to while driving between locations, this journal will one day be a memento of your life-changing trip.