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Road Trip Planning

Browse our archives of must-know road trip planning tips and tricks plus advice on how to plan the best road trip possible!

How to plan a road trip with Google Maps - woman pointing at a road map with a camera, passport, and laptop

How to plan a road trip with Google Maps

Are you planning a road trip and aren’t sure how to start? I take a lot of road trips with tons of stops so it’s always important for me to keep my itinerary mapped and organized. I need a system that keeps all of the attractions I want to see and information about them at my...

Road trip snack boxes

Road trip snack boxes

Road trip snack boxes are a fun way to get some nourishment throughout the day on long car rides. By bringing along your own snacks you’ll save money from stopping at gas stations and by divvying them up among passengers you’ll save the worry of fights over the last goldfish...

Road Trip Essentials Guide ? Our Top Road Trip Gear List

What To Do on a Road Trip: 30 Ideas

Planning on taking a long car trip but not totally sure what to do on a road trip? While there is no right or wrong answer, and everyone paves their own way, there are many common things to see, places to stop, and ways to pass the time. Need inspiration? Here are 30 ideas to help you...

Cars can get messy...especially on a road trip. But you can help corral that clutter by picking out one of the best trash cans for cars.

Best Trash Cans for Cars

Let’s face it: cars can get messy…especially if you’re spending days on end driving on a road trip. Fast food bags, napkins, gas station receipts, coffee cups, and more can start piling up. But you can help corral that clutter by picking out one of the best trash cans...

The best road trip emoji to use to describe your travels.

Road Trip Emoji to Use For Travel ?

Are you looking for the best road trip emoji to represent your travels? Road trips have us feeling every emotion (?????????☹️?) as we travel in our cars 🚗 across the country ?. There’s always music ? blasting from the car radio 📻; stops for attractions ?, gas ⛽, and fast food ?; and...

How to set a road trip budget

One of the biggest questions you might have when planning a road trip is, “how much is this going to cost me?” And it’s a valid question. You might think a road trip is a cheap form of travel, and it can be, but there are also many expenses that can add up. That’s...