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Road Trip Food

When on a road trip, you have to eat! Find an archive of delicious road food and diners, drive-ins, and dives that will satisfy your hunger on the road.

Pancakes with butter and maple syrup and a side of bacon at Lou Mitchell's Restaurant on Route 66 in Chicago, Illinois

Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant on Route 66

You know you can get your kicks on Route 66 but how about getting your pancakes? Or your omelettes? Or your Milk Duds? In downtown Chicago you’ll find a restaurant synonymous with the start of the Mother Road: Lou Mitchell’s restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. Lou Mitchell’s opened in 1923...

Road trip sandwiches - turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on white bread.

Road trip sandwiches to pack for a car trip.

Road trip sandwiches make for quick and easy lunches for car trips, near or far. Packing your own meals will save you the time and money that comes with stopping at a roadside diner or for fast food on the way to your destination. But what should you pack? And how should you pack it? Read...