Giant Praying Hands in Webb City, Missouri

Giant Praying Hands in Webb City, Missouri

Let’s give a hand to this Missouri roadside attraction: the giant praying hands in Webb City (the city of flags). These large hands in prayer stand at 32 feet tall (on top of a 40-foot-tall man-made hill) and weigh a whopping 110 tons! (It’s important to note that while these prayer hands are impressively tall, … Read more

Big Shoe Made of Shoes in Clayton, Missouri

Big Shoe Made of Shoes in Clayton, Missouri

Throw on your flats, lace up your sneakers, or secure your boots and head on over to Clayton, Missouri on your next road trip. This roadside attraction will have you kicking up your heels: a ten-foot tall woman’s high heel located outside of the Brown Shoe Company executive offices. What’s so special about this slipper? … Read more

Airplane on a Restaurant's Roof at Habanero's Mexican Restaurant in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Airplane on a Restaurant’s Roof in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

There’s an airplane on a restaurant’s roof in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. A Piper Tomahawk airplane, to be exact. But don’t be alarmed! If you find yourself in Habanero’s Mexican Restaurant’s parking lot, you might think you’ve stumbled upon a crash site or a plane had to make an emergency landing (obviously on the restaurant’s roof … Read more

Crapduster airplane in Carthage, Missouri

Crapduster Airplane in Carthage, Missouri

Today’s roadside attraction isn’t a piece of … oh you know. The crapduster airplane in Carthage, Missouri is an airplane-shaped tourist attraction created in 1997 by artist Lowell Davis. The diminutive plane is made out of an antique manure spreader and biplane wings and has a crash test dummy for a pilot. The flying machine … Read more

The Home of Sliced Bread in Chillicothe, Missouri.

The Home of Sliced Bread: Chillicothe, Missouri

Today’s Missouri roadside attraction is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Actually…it is sliced bread! Chillicothe, Missouri is the “Home of Sliced Bread.” It’s the town where the one intention every other invention has to live up to was first sold. The Rohwedder Bread Slicer was first put into use there by the Chillicothe Baking Company … Read more

UMR Stonehenge Replica in Rolla, Missouri

UMR Stonehenge Replica in Rolla, Missouri

Dubbed “Stubby Stonehenge” by some, the Stonehenge replica at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) campus is half the size of the ancient original. Work began on this Missouri roadside attraction in 1982 and the stone — 160 tons of Georgia granite — was acquired in 1983. Each piece was … Read more

Giant Morel Mushroom, a roadside attraction in Nevada, Missouri.

Giant Morel Mushroom in Nevada, Missouri

Holy shiitake – this next Missouri roadside attraction is definitely a fun guy! (Fun guy — fungi — get it? Get it???) This 30-foot giant morel mushroom lives on the side of the road about 3 miles north of Nevada, Missouri and is the biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen. Is this the world’s largest morel … Read more