Metropolis Video Log – Road Trip to Metropolis, Illinois

And now it’s time for an extra special treat to wrap up the recap of my Metropolis road trip: a Metropolis Video Log!

Here’s a video I put together with some clips from the road! I saw so many Illinois roadside attractions like the I-57 Abraham Lincoln, the World’s Largest Cross in Effingham, the Super Museum, Superman Statue, and Americana Hollywood Museum in Metropolis. And, of course, I saw an ice cream eating contest! And since we were so close to the border, we just had to cross into Kentucky and back!

FYI: It’s kind of dangerous to take video while you drive. Kids, don’t try this at home.

FYI2: It is really hard to take photos (which will always be my #1), update twitter, AND shoot video at the same time. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying until my technique is perfected!


Founder & Head Road Tripper

Val is the founder and head road tripper at Silly America. Having grown up near Berwyn's famed car kabob, The Spindle, and a restaurant with a cow on its roof, her fascination with roadside attractions started early. Today, Val has visited hundreds roadside attractions across the United States and is constantly on the lookout for the next BIG thing!