Roadside Attractions

Pull over for America’s best roadside attractions. Explore the world’s largest things, weird museums, muffler men, tourist traps, and more in these archives of roadside attractions across the country.

Book Wall Mural in Salt Lake City, Utah | Book Mural at Eborn Books in Salt Lake City | Utah Murals

The Book Wall Mural in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Book Wall mural is an interactive mural in Salt Lake City, Utah that makes the perfect insta-backdrop for bibliophiles. Tucked away in a small courtyard in an alley between the main street and a parking garage, the wall of books mural proves to be a little tricky to find, but with a...

Cowboy Muffler Man in Wendell, Idaho | Idaho Roadside Attractions

Cowboy Muffler Man in Wendell, Idaho

Howdy pardner! At the Intermountain Motor Homes & RV Camp in Wendell, Idaho, you can find this cowboy muffler man out front. Standing at 22-feet tall and wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and a gray cowboy hat, this giant is a roadside attraction that is hard to miss...

Route 66 Murals in Cuba, Missouri

Route 66 Murals in Cuba, Missouri

Cuba, Missouri is known as the town “where art meets history” and you can see the spirit of that moniker on nearly every street corner. The Route 66 murals in Cuba depict historic scenes with both local and national themes. Created between 2001 and 2007, the public art in this...

Gene's Sausage Shop rooftop cow. Giant cow statue in Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois.

Gene’s Sausage Shop Rooftop Cow in Chicago

Have you ever found a roadside attraction hidden in your own backyard? I have. Meet the giant cow statue at the Gene’s Sausage Shop rooftop beer and wine garden in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. In 1972, Polish immigrants John and Gene Luszcz, opened a small...