Roadside Attractions

Pull over for America’s best roadside attractions. Explore the world’s largest things, weird museums, muffler men, tourist traps, and more in these archives of roadside attractions across the country.

Walt Disney Birthplace house in Chicago, Illinois

Walt Disney Birthplace in Chicago, Illinois

If you didn’t know where the Walt Disney Birthplace in Chicago, Illinois was, it would be easy to miss. It is, after all, a house. Just an average, plain, nondescript house on a residential street in the Hermosa neighborhood on the North side of the city. But that house was once...

Legend of the Piasa Bird in Alton, Illinois

Legend of the Piasa Bird in Alton, Illinois

A mythical beast lives on, painted on a limestone cliff, in Alton, Illinois. This is the Legend of the Piasa Bird, who, according to myth, terrorized the Illini Native American tribes many moons ago. 2015 The Piasa Bird is a scary creature, with red eyes, the horns of a deer, outstretched...

Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska - Stonehenge made from cars roadside attraction in Nebraska.

50 Weird Roadside Attractions in the United States

A hotel shaped like a potato. An oversized condiment bottle in the sky. More oversized animals than you can count. The world’s largest ball of twine. And…a Thing??? The American landspace if full of strange, odd, and weird roadside attractions. Roadside attractions are quirky...

Albert the Bull - the World's Largest Bull in Audubon, Iowa | Iowa Roadside Attractions

Best Roadside Attractions in Each State

What is your favorite thing to see on a road trip? Do you love big cities? Museums? Diners, drive ins, and dives? Record stores? Antique shops? Gas station snack aisles? Hotels with a big pool and room service? For me, above else, there’s one thing I love looking for and will pull...