Giant Rocking Chair in Austinburg, Ohio.

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At twenty-feet tall, this giant rocking chair in Austinburg, Ohio may not be the biggest chair in the world, but it’s still one impressive seat! I mean, talk about a highchair!

Giant Rocking Chair in Austinburg, Ohio.

This large rocking chair is a great roadside attraction and would make a fun stop on your next road trip through Ohio.  The large white chair would definitely be a great place to stretch your legs after driving all day. But you might need to climb up a ladder before popping a squat: twenty feet is still pretty tall.

Giant Rocking Chair in Austinburg, Ohio.

If this Ohio roadside attraction isn’t the world’s largest rocking chair, then where is the largest rocking chair in the world? That can be found two states away in Casey, Illinois. Erected in 2015, the town’s huge rocking chair stands at a whopping 56.5-feet.

Prior to the erection of Casey’s huge chair, the title went to the big rocking chair in Fanning, Missouri. That one stands at 42 feet, 4 inches tall. When it’s height was usurped in 2015, the giant rocker was painted and renamed “The Route 66 Red Rocker.” In 2017, it was painted again and is now dubbed the “World’s Largest Route 66 Rocking Chair.”

While this giant Ohio state rocking chair pales in height comparison to the others, it’s still a worthy stop for any serious road tripper in search of a giant seat. Be sure to see this (along with Ohio roadside attractions such as the world’s largest Amish horse and buggy and the horse and buggy ATM) on your next Ohio road trip!

I the meantime: keep rocking!

Giant Rocking Chair

Location: 1933 Hwy 45, Austinburg, Ohio.
Cost: Free to See
Hours: Always visible, but be kind and quiet for the neighbors (there’s a nursing and rehab center nearby).

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Giant Rocking Chair in Austinburg, Ohio.
Giant Rocking Chair in Austinburg, Ohio.

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