Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee

I was on my way home from a week-long road trip that took me through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (home of the Mars flying saucer), Virginia, and North Carolina. The return trip had me rushing home on I-75 through Tennessee. I was tired, exhausted, maybe speeding a little more that I should. That lackadaisical end of the road feeling was taking over me. That feeling where you’ve seen so much, done so much, that you have nothing left in you. And so all you want is to get home. All you want is your old, familiar pillow.

The Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee (a similar site to the world’s largest cross in Effingham, Illinois – there are many giant crosses across America) is a giant metal biblical attraction visible from I-75 that shields Christian travelers from a nearby porn shop.

This roadside attraction was on my road trip itinerary. So, when I saw the large white cross, up ahead, beckoning from the side of the road, I contemplated pulling over, veering off the exit to see it up close and personal. But, sometimes, seeing something from the road, from the distance, is all you really need.

So, I didn’t stop at the giant cross on I-75 in Tennessee. But I did slow my car’s speed, grab for my camera, and take a photo without looking. One blurry photo. I would have taken more. I would have held down the shutter as I drove past, snapping a burst of photos that would show the attraction from many distances, from slightly different angles, from varying frames of usefulness.

But, as it turns out, my memory card was out of memory. It apparently had had enough, just like me.

And so, I kept on driving home, with only the memory and one blurry picture.

Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee.
Giant Cross in La Follette, Tennessee.

Giant Cross

Location: Giant Cross, 383 Luther Seibers Ln, Pioneer, TN (La Follette, TN) 37847 (visible from I-75)
Date: September 5, 2010


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