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Road Trip Itinerary

Plan your car travel with these road trip itineraries. Explore American road trips I’ve taken to visit roadside attractions across the country and get inspired to take your own!

Chopped barbecue sandwich

North Carolina Road Trip: Day 7

Sadie had to work this morning but when she was done she raced back home to start the adventure on the second day of my North Carolina road trip! She got a nice slice of a day in the life of Silly America, and I got a nice slice of NC BBQ – I think it was a fair trade! Out first...

View from the mountains in North Carolina

North Carolina Road Trip: Day 6

Thursday. After a day in Charlottesville. After a bagel. After a quick stop at the rest area because Flopsy needed a bathroom break. After a detour to see one last Virginia roadside attraction, a big pencil. I left Virginia and began my North Carolina road trip. I headed out to Mt. Airy...

Scenic overlooks in Virginia - Virginia Road Trip

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 5

It’s weird how unweird things are sometimes. Like how you can spend a night hanging out with someone you met in a bar in a foreign country two years ago and hadn’t seen since and how it’s weird but not really that weird at the same time. Like Wednesday. Wednesday, after...

Bacon formations at Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: Days 3 & 4

Sometimes a road trip seems to take a day or two too long. It can happen when you need to get from point A to point B to point C and point B is only in town on a Wednesday and point C is going on on a Saturday and there was no reason not to leave point A on the previous Saturday. And so...

Hibachi dinner in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: Day 2

After the first full day of driving, I made the decision this morning to b-line for Alexandria on the second day of my Virginia road trip. I had a few roadside attraction stops scheduled but nothing on my itinerary really stood out and I figured I’d rather make it to Virginia early...

Meziadin Junction, a Hyder, Alaska Visitor Information Center, in British Columbia, Canada.

How to Get to Hyder, Alaska on a Road Trip

It takes about twenty hours to drive from Seattle, Washington to Hyder, Alaska. Twenty hours, that is, if you drive non stop. No breaks. No food. No sleep. No traffic. No stops at silly Alaskan roadside attractions. Hyder is located at the head of the Portland Canal, a 70 mile-long fjord...