North Carolina

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Steep Canyon Rangers at RedBone Willy's Bluegrass Festival

RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass Festival

Saturday we went to RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival in Lawndale, North Carolina! After a fun day of visiting roadside attractions around Winston-Salem, Sadie and I left her place early for the drive to the festival. And on our way we stopped for some...

Chopped barbecue sandwich

North Carolina Road Trip: Day 7

Sadie had to work this morning but when she was done she raced back home to start the adventure on the second day of my North Carolina road trip! She got a nice slice of a day in the life of Silly America, and I got a nice slice of NC BBQ – I think it was a fair trade! Out first...

View from the mountains in North Carolina

North Carolina Road Trip: Day 6

Thursday. After a day in Charlottesville. After a bagel. After a quick stop at the rest area because Flopsy needed a bathroom break. After a detour to see one last Virginia roadside attraction, a big pencil. I left Virginia and began my North Carolina road trip. I headed out to Mt. Airy...