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Gene's Sausage Shop rooftop cow. Giant cow statue in Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois.

Gene’s Sausage Shop Rooftop Cow in Chicago

Have you ever found a roadside attraction hidden in your own backyard? I have. Meet the giant cow statue at the Gene’s Sausage Shop rooftop beer and wine garden in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. In 1972, Polish immigrants John and Gene Luszcz, opened a small...

Bison in a field at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Wilmington, Illinois. See Bison in Illinois.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie: Bison in Illinois

When I think about finding a home where the buffalo roam in the United States, I think of South Dakota, North Dakota (home of the World’s Largest Buffalo and the National Buffalo Museum), or Wyoming. I don’t necessarily think of Illinois. But you can find roaming bison in...

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket a Route 66 restaurant in Illinois.

Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket on Route 66

Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket is an iconic Route 66 restaurant in Illinois. In Willowbrook, just off the famous route, and present day Interstate 55 (I-55) , this chicken joint has been serving up chicken since the 1930s. In the late 1930s/early 1940s Ervin ‘Irv’ Kolarik...

Dennis Manarchy's World's Largest Film Camera in Chicago

Dennis Manarchy’s World’s Largest Film Camera in Chicago

This is the world’s largest film camera, as seen outside of Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago, Illinois in 2014. This attraction was only there briefly, so you can’t find it there now, but, while it was on display, this giant camera was a wonderful site to see and...