World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in Elmwood Park, Illinois
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World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in Elmwood Park, Illinois

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World's Largest Red Wagon, Radio Flyer, 6515 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60707

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Antonio Pasin built his first wooden wagon in 1917. They quickly became popular amongst his clients as he sold the toys around Chicagoland. In 1923, his company was officially born as “Liberty Coaster Company” and, to speed up production and offset costs, he began selling steel versions. In 1930 the company was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing and the wagons were renamed along. They would then and forever after be known as “Radio Flyers.” An icon was born. In 1997, eighty years after Antonio Pasin first started selling his wagons, the company, now so popular, so iconic, constructed the World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in celebration of their years of success.

Radio Flyer commissioned this World’s Largest Wagon in honor of their 80th anniversary. The larger-than-life red sculpture, constructed of 6 tons of steel, is nine times the size of a normal little red wagon and weighs in at a whopping 15,000 pounds (that is 6,800 kilograms). The giant toy stretches at a length of twenty-seven feet long and thirteen feet wide and can fit 75 children (or, I suppose, one giant giant).


World's Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in Elmwood Park, Illinois


While this statue is now dubbed the biggest wagon in the world now, this wasn’t the first roadside attraction Radio Flyer was a part of. At the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, Antonio Pasin had a 45-foot tall wood and plaster Coaster Boy constructed. It depicted a boy riding a Liberty Coaster wagon and was a hit of the fair. Destination Inspiration: Not sure where to go? You've come to the right place!
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While I don’t know the fate of that project, the current world’s largest wagon can be found outside the company’s headquarters in Elmwood Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.


Site: The World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon
Address: 6515 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park, Illinois
Hours: Always Visible (but a fence around the property might obstruct your view)
Cost: Free to See


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World's Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in Elmwood Park, Illinois
World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon in Elmwood Park, Illinois
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