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Roadside Attractions in Virginia

Explore Virginia roadside attractions and other tourist traps, restaurants, stops, and detours to add to your Virginia road trip itinerary.

Scenic overlooks in Virginia - Virginia Road Trip

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 5

It’s weird how unweird things are sometimes. Like how you can spend a night hanging out with someone you met in a bar in a foreign country two years ago and hadn’t seen since and how it’s weird but not really that weird at the same time. Like Wednesday. Wednesday, after two days of driving aimlessly around Virginia, I woke up in a cheap Super 8...

Bacon formations at Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: Days 3 & 4

Sometimes a road trip seems to take a day or two too long. It can happen when you need to get from point A to point B to point C and point B is only in town on a Wednesday and point C is going on on a Saturday and there was no reason not to leave point A on the previous Saturday. And so you just have all this extra time and not enough planned out to see. And let me...

Hibachi dinner in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: Day 2

After the first full day of driving, I made the decision this morning to b-line for Alexandria on the second day of my Virginia road trip. I had a few roadside attraction stops scheduled but nothing on my itinerary really stood out and I figured I’d rather make it to Virginia early. And by early I mean early afternoon. What I did on day two of my Virginia road...