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Roadside Attractions in Missouri

Explore Missouri roadside attractions and other tourist traps, restaurants, stops, and detours to add to your Missouri road trip itinerary.

Missouri Road Trip Day 2: Kansas City Roadside Attractions

After the hot dog eating contest Brian and I hit the road for some more awesome adventures on our Missouri road trip! We explored roadside attractions in Kansas City (both in Missouri and Kansas) a bit, first hitting up the World’s Largest Soccer Ball! FYI, it’s on a creepy little road that if you go just a bit too far on seems to all of a sudden turn...

Tim Gravy Brown at a Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest in Kansas City, Missouri.

Missouri Hot Dog Eating Qualifying Contest

Saturday I woke up at around 8am and enjoyed the hotel’s free continental breakfast. Actually I just ate cereal and then kicked myself when I saw that around the corner they had biscuits and gravy that I missed! My friend and travel companion Brian skipped the breakfast, he didn’t want to eat anything before his big competitive eating debut at the...

Pecan Harvester at the World's Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri

Pecan Harvester – World’s Largest Pecan

Probably not the world’s largest, but definitely (probably?) functional, this pecan harvester was out front near the world’s largest pecan!
Site: Pecan Harvester at the World’s Largest Pecan
Location: James Pecan Farms Inc., Highway 24, Brunswick, MO, three miles east of town.
Date: June 5, 2009

Wham & Petey's Pop-Up Theatre at the World's Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri.

Wham & Petey’s Pop-Up Theatre – World’s Largest Pecan

This post contains affiliate links from which we might make a small commission, at no cost to you. While at the World’s Largest Pecan I noticed a sign on the adjacent building: Wham & Petey’s Pop-Up Theatre. We got there late in the day when everything was closed, but I was curious. Turns out that Farmer James, son of the original owners of James...

World's Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri

World’s Largest Pecan in Brunswick, Missouri

Today’s roadside attraction is so good it will drive you nuts: the world’s largest pecan in Brunswick, Missouri! Driving down Hwy 24 in Brunswick, Missouri you’d certainly take faith in the town’s claim as being the “Pecan Capital of Missouri.” The road is speckled with signs for pecan stands and pecan festivals. It’s nuts...

Missouri Road Trip - Day 1 - The Road to Kansas City

Missouri Road Trip Day 1: Road Trip to Kansas City

Friday morning I woke up at 5am and was out the door around 5:45 on my way to Urbana, Illinois. I picked up my friend Brian at around 7am. It was time for our Missouri Road Trip! Our first and only stop in Illinois was the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville. I’d seen it before, but as ketchup is probably one of my favorite inventions ever, it...