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Random silly things in Brussels, Belgium!

Manneken Pis - naked boy peeing statue - in Brussels, Belgium.
Manneken Pis – naked boy peeing statue.

Jeanneke Pis - peeing girl statue - in Brussels, Belgium
Jeanneke Pis – peeing girl statue.

Zinneke Pis - peeing dog statue - in Brussels, Belgium
Zinneke Pis – peeing dog statue.

Man with a dog statue in Brussels, Belgium.
A statue of a man with a dog.

Giant traffic cone in Brussels, Belgium.Giant traffic cone in Brussels, Belgium.
A giant traffic cone.

Sculpture of a cat on a bike in Brussels, Belgium.
A sculpture of a cat on a bicycle.

Giant flower pots in Brussels, Belgium.
Giant flower pots.

Street Art: cartoon walls in Brussels, Belgium

√Street Art: cartoon walls in Brussels, Belgium

Street Art: cartoon walls in Brussels, Belgium
Cartoon walls.

Old woman statue in Brussels, Belgium.
Old woman statue.

Giant trumpet in Brussels, Belgium.
Giant trumpet.

Falling man statue in Brussels, Belgium.
Falling man statue.

Giant clothespin in Brussels, Belgium.
Giant clothespin.


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