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Road trip Play List! Sometimes I like to share my favorite songs to drive to. You know those songs, the ones that make you crank up the volume, crank down the windows, and sing at the top of your lungs on the highways and rural byways. Today’s road trip play list song is Syd Matter’s To All Of You.

Driving a car by the sea side.
Watching the world from the bright side.

OK, so these lyrics may not be your typical road trip song lyrics, but pretty much any song about “American Girls” is a road trip song to me. Plus it’s just nostalgic and moody enough to imagine driving along the coast in a convertible with the radio on and the wind in your hair, right? And in the video they drive away in a classic car so it’s got that going for it too!

Plus American girls are pretty awesome, right?

Truth be told, I first heard Syd Matter’s To All Of You on an episode of The OC way back when The OC was on TV. Remember that show? It was pretty awesome. Remember Ryan? He was pretty hot, right?

Bonus: Here’s the song on the OC.


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