Pinkie the Pink Elephant in DeForest, Wisconsin. Giant Pink Elephant with Glasses roadside attraction in Wisconsin.

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Buford, Wyoming: The Smallest Town in America with a population of 1 | Wyoming Roadside Attractions

Buford, Wyoming: The Smallest Town in America

Buford, Wyoming is the smallest town in America with a population of one. Or maybe it’s zero. And maybe it’s not even Buford at all anymore but PhinDeli Town. Well, whatever it is called and whatever its population, it is a very tiny town that makes for a very short road trip stop. Buford was founded in 1866 along the First Transcontinental Railroad. At...

Big Idaho Potato Hotel AirBNB in Boise, Idaho - an AirBNB made from a giant potato | Idaho Roadside Attractions and Weird Hotels

Big Idaho Potato Hotel AirBNB in Boise, Idaho

If you think about Idaho you probably think about the lowly potato. After all, the state grows about 13 billion pounds of the tubers every year, ranging in size from tiny fingerlings to hefty russets to 28-foot long colossus. Did I say 28 feet long? No, that wasn’t a misprint. Idaho is ripe with larger-than-life potato roadside attractions, and the Big Idaho...

Field of Giant Corn Cobs in Dublin, Ohio

The 15 Best Ohio Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. Longaberger’s World’s Largest Picnic Basket2. Field of Giant Corn Cobs3. Futuro House, a.k.a. UFO House4. The Troll Hole Museum5. World’s Tallest Our Lady of Guadalupe6. A Christmas Story House7. Giant Dancing Rabbits8. World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab9. World’s Largest Amish Horse and Buggy10. World’s Largest Cuckoo...

Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota

The 15 Best Minnesota Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox Statues2. Spoonbridge and Cherry3. World’s Largest Ball Of Twine4. SPAM Museum5. Jolly Green Giant6. Big Ole – Big Viking Statue7. World’s Largest Free-Standing Hockey Stick8. Otto the Big Otter9.World’s Largest Paul Bunyan10. Pelican Pete – The World’s Largest Pelican11...

Salem Sue: The World's Largest Holstein Cow in New Salem, North Dakota | North Dakota Roadside Attractions

The 10 Best North Dakota Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. Salem Sue, The World’s Largest Holstein Cow2. The Enchanted Highway3. Tommy the Turtle4. World’s Largest Buffalo Monument5. Hilltop Viking Statue6. Geographical Center of North America & the New Geographic Center of North America7. W’eel Turtle8. The World’s Largest Sandhill Crane9. Woodchipper from the Movie Fargo10. The...

Mary Tyler Moore Statue in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Minneapolis roadside attractions in Minnesota

TV Land Landmarks: Statues of Classic Television Characters

In the early 2000s, the TV Land Landmarks campaign placed bronze statues of classic television characters (and the actors who played them) in locations appropriately linked to their TV shows. Spearheaded by the television station TV Land, was known for their classic television programming, six bronze monuments to TV characters we all know and love, were placed...

Carhenge - Roadside Attraction Zoom Background Images for video conferencing backdrops.

Zoom Background Images: Roadside Attractions

Have you been using the Zoom video conferencing app to hold meetings with colleagues while working from home? If you have, you might have noticed your coworkers sitting in front of some interesting backgrounds. That’s because the software allows you to switch out whatever boring background is behind you to any any Zoom background images you want, no green...

Tony Tasset's Eye - giant fiberglass eye in Chicago, Illinois in 2010 (Now in Dallas, Texas)

Tony Tasset’s Eye in Dallas, Texas (& Chicago)

Keep your eye out for this roadside attraction: Tony Tasset’s Eye, a giant eyeball in Dallas, Texas. That’s right, this Dallas tourist attraction is no optical illusion. It really is a 30-foot tall eyeball made from 8,000 to 9,000 pounds of fiberglass, 9,000 pounds of steel, resin and paint. Chicago, Illinois in 2010 The giant eye sculpture was created in...

Albert the Bull - the World's Largest Bull in Audubon, Iowa | Iowa Roadside Attractions

The 15 Best Iowa Roadside Attractions

Table of Contents 1. Albert the Bull – the World’s Largest Bull 2. Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk3. Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption4. Buddy Holly Crash Site5. Volkswagen Beetle Spider6. Matchstick Marvels Museum7. Field of Dreams Movie Site8. World’s Largest Concrete Gnome9. Plantoir – Giant Garden Trowel10. Iowa’s Largest Frying...