Pinkie the Pink Elephant in DeForest, Wisconsin. Giant Pink Elephant with Glasses roadside attraction in Wisconsin.

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VICTORY! I was Hyderized at the Glacier Inn in Hyder, Alaska.

Getting Hyderized at the Glacier Inn in Hyder, Alaska

Have you ever heard of being hyderized? I’ve never been much of a drinker. I much prefer downing a Coca-Cola or a chocolate milkshake to a beer or glass of wine. When I do drink I tend to go from zero to sick way before the point of actually getting inebriated. And don’t get me started on shots and that one time that I took one and threw up on a bar table...

For your safety stay on boardwalk sign at the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site at the Tongass National Forest in Hyder, Alaska.

Bear Watching at Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site in Hyder, Alaska

If there is one thing Hyder, Alaska and its surrounding areas is known for (besides, of course, getting Hyderized…), it’s bears! And the best place to look for Hyder bear viewing is Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site. Of course, I didn’t actually SEE any bears while I was in Hyder there (although there was, apparently, one outside of a bar we went...

Road trippers in front of the Welcome to Hyder, Alaska sign.

Welcome to Hyder, Alaska – the Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska!

It’s about a twenty hour drive between Seattle, Washington and Hyder, Alaska. So… why do people do it? I’m pretty sure most people who make the journey are doing so to say that they did. Hyder is a beautiful town and, if you want to go to Alaska, it’s the easiest to get to. It’s accessible by road and, while long, an easy drive through...

Bear Glacier in Steart, British Columbia, Canada

Bear Glacier in Stewart, British Columbia

A must stop if you’ve visiting Stewart, British Colombia or taking a road trip to Hyder, Alaska, is Bear Glacier. Now, I know this website is called “Silly America” and this is neither a silly site nor in “America” (although Canada is in North America…so it totally counts!), but any traveler has to pause to take in all the sites...

Meziadin Junction, a Hyder, Alaska Visitor Information Center, in British Columbia, Canada.

How to Get to Hyder, Alaska on a Road Trip

It takes about twenty hours to drive from Seattle, Washington to Hyder, Alaska. Twenty hours, that is, if you drive non stop. No breaks. No food. No sleep. No traffic. No stops at silly Alaskan roadside attractions. Hyder is located at the head of the Portland Canal, a 70 mile-long fjord that borders Canada and the United States, and it is the only town in southern...

Flying from Seattle to New York - view of the mountain from the plane.

Flying from Seattle to New York – 2009 Crazy Stupid Vacation

I spent my day traveling. Two busses to the Seattle/Tacoma airport. Shuttle to my gate. Delayed plane to New York. And finally a cab from JFK to Manhattan. I’m a bit screwed up on time zones but the fact that my hotel is pretty posh (thank YOU Priceline name your own price)and a giant brisket sandwich is now in my belly make everything A-Okay. I honestly...

Orangutan (or Jedi Knight?) at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

2009 Crazy Stupid Vacation – Last Day in Seattle

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Most of the time while on vacations I am a gogogo person who likes to see everything and do everything humanly possible…but sometimes after a long 7 days of vacation and a lot of stress at work and home a girl just needs to have a lazy day! That is how my last day in Seattle went. The day started out with a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo...

Totem Pole in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Vacation: Pike’s Place Market & Seattle Underground Tour

I got to Pike’s Place Market at least decently early enough that the tourist crowds hadn’t started forming yet. I wandered a bit before spotting the original Starbucks and starting out my morning with a tall mocha. I then wandered some more until I figured out which stand was the one that threw fish around. They were kind of awesome. I thought though that...

View of the Seattle skyline from Gas Works Park.

A Day in Seattle: Fremont & Gas Works Park

Monday, June 29, 2009 Exhausting day! I’m now staying with my friend Scott in Seattle and so this morning I took the bus with him over to University of Washington where he works/is in grad school. I toured around a bit while he worked and saw the fountain, red square, a Washington statue, the quad, and some other random statues sprinkled throughout campus. I...

Canadian Road Trip: Crossing back into the U.S.

Canadian Road Trip: Crossing back into the U.S.

Sunday, June 28, 2009     Woke up in Prince George. Headed home. And by home I mean the U.S., but not home home. Saw more awesome sites on our Canadian Road Trip, such as a town called Williams Lake that was having their annual stampede! We drove and drove and drove some more until we finally hit the border again and had an interesting exchange at...