Hamburger America Movie Review

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George Motz probably knows more about hamburgers than anyone ever. He has probably eaten at more hamburger joints than anyone ever too. The Hamburger America movie, a documentary film about the best hamburgers in America, premiered in 2005 on Sundance Channel and from then on Motz was pegged a hamburger expert. While on his website he may deny being the authority, he sure seems to know whats what in the world of the burger.

Hamburger America

This weekend I sat down (OK, laid down) and watched the Hamburger America film hoping to get some inspiration for future road trips. What you eat when traveling is as important as anything else you do, and I always try to stay away from the chains and what I dub as “food you can eat at home.” Motz shows in his documentary that he does too.

Hamburger America focuses on eight hamburger places sprinkled throughout the country. Each one produces a unique yet traditional burger that defines the owner and area.

While the eight burgers featured in the film are prepared and topped differently there are certain things that seem to make that road side hamburger the perfect specimen.

It seems that the common thread between each burger was tradition. Every burger they showcased is touted as being never changed. In fact, the steamed cheesburg from Ted’s Restaurant seems to be made in an archaic contraption that surely was original, and Dyer’s Burger’s in Tennessee which claims to be using the same oil it used when it opened.

While the film does it’s job to make you crave every fresh, delicious burger imaginable, there was a few that would raise eyebrows. Namely the “Guberburger” slathered in peanut butter and the Wisconsin creation of a butter burger topped with a heaping mound of actual butter.

Every great burger seems to have a great story, and every great burger is made with pride. In Hamburger America we get a glimpse into eight of these great burgers.

Now I’m ready to hit the road and try them all!

Hamburger America
  • Glenn Fieber, Sam Sianis, John Eckre (Actors)
  • George Motz (Director)
  • Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
Hamburger America: A State-By-State Guide to 200 Great Burger Joints
  • Motz, George (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 416 Pages – 05/29/2018 (Publication Date) – Running Press Adult (Publisher)

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