Giant Lobster in Barcelona, Spain

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Lobster is one of those foods that you don’t eat often, that’s intimidating to cook because it’s expensive and can oh so easily be overdone, that is perfectly at home in a high-class restaurant or a road side roll.

Lobster was one of my dad’s favorite foods. And he’d make it on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or New Years before I became too cool to spend those at home. And, because of that, the rare treat became one of my favorite foods.

Lobster was one of those things my ex boyfriend had cooked for me for an anniversary or birthday where I refused to let him use the flambe recipe he had because I didn’t want him to burn my rental down. It was delicious none the less.

Lobster was the only reason I made my friends sit through a weird John Waters film, because the box had made it sound more like a horror film than it was…

Lobster is a creature that you’d think would be frightening when mutatedly huge, towering above you, with gigantic claws. But, with it’s cunning smile, how can anyone be afraid of this giant lobster hanging out by the pier in Barcelona?

Giant lobster in Barcelona, Spain.Giant lobster in Barcelona, Spain.

Giant lobster in Barcelona, Spain.

The Giant lobster came from a closed down seafood restaurant, Gambrinus and was designed and built by Javier Mariscal, a Spanish artist.


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