Ronald McDonald gives the wai in Phuket, Thailand

Ronald McDonald in Phuket, Thailand

In Thailand, the typical greeting is called the wai, hands pressed together in front of you accompanied by a slight bow. It’s so normal there that even Ronald McDonald knows how to welcome you in…

Giant lobster in Barcelona, Spain.

Giant Lobster in Barcelona, Spain

Lobster is one of those foods that you don’t eat often, that’s intimidating to cook because it’s expensive and can oh so easily be overdone, that is perfectly at home in a high-class restaurant or a road side roll. Lobster was one of my dad’s favorite foods. And he’d make it on special occasions like … Read more

Statue of Manolo Vasquez in Seville, Spain

Silly Sevilla: Statues of Sevilla, Spain

Everywhere you turn in Seville, Spain, you’ll probably come across another statue. There are statues devoted to historical figures, opera, bullfighters. Here is a sampling of the many, many statues you might find around Seville. Statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Statue of Pepe Luis Vázquez, a famous bullfighter. Statue of Curro Romero, a famous bullfighter. … Read more

Frietmuseum in Bruges, Belgium

Frietmuseum in Bruges, Belgium

Belgians love their frites: salty fried sticks of potato covered in mayonnaise or whatever your particular poison happens to be. If you’ve ever stared at a fry and wondered “how was this made” or “where did potato fries come from,” you’ve either spent a little too much time in neighboring Amsterdam or you should made … Read more

Falling man statue in Brussels, Belgium.

Silly Brussels – Weird things in Brussels, Belgium

Random silly things in Brussels, Belgium! Manneken Pis – naked boy peeing statue. Jeanneke Pis – peeing girl statue. Zinneke Pis – peeing dog statue. A statue of a man with a dog. A giant traffic cone. A sculpture of a cat on a bicycle. Giant flower pots. Cartoon walls. Old woman statue. Giant trumpet. … Read more