Wimpy Photo Op in Chester, Illinois - The Home of Popeye

Wimpy Photo Stand-In in Chester, Illinois

There’s a Wimpy photo stand-in in Chester, Illinois: the Home of Popeye the Sailor Man. Photo stand-ins (also called face in the hole boards, photo cutout boards, or comic foregrounds) are those big life-sized paintings (or photographs), usually of a person or animal, with a hole cut out of the face for a person (like you or me) …

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Popeye Mural in Chester, Illinois shows Popeye and Olive Oyl.

Popeye Murals in Chester, Illinois

Chester, Illinois celebrates all things Popeye. It’s Elzie Crisler Segar, the classic cartoon creator’s, home town so it only makes sense that the entire city serves as a shrine to his outstanding work and legacy. In fact, many of the characters were actually based on residents. In Gazebo Park, next to Spinach Can Collectibles (a …

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Chester, Illinois - The Home of Popeye The Sailor Man - Popeye Character Trail in Chester, Illinois

Popeye Character Trail in Chester, Illinois (Home of Popeye)

Chester, Illinois is known as “The Home of Popeye.” The small Illinois town is the hometown of E.C. Segar (Elzie Crisler Segar) who created the popular comic book character, Popeye the Sailor Man. Today the town celebrates its status as “The Home of Popeye” with events, murals, cut-out photo ops, visitor centers and gift shops, …

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Häagen-Dazs Big Ice Cream Cone at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois

Häagen-Dazs Navy Pier Big Ice Cream Cone in Chicago (GONE)

OK, so I know America is flooded with giant pseudo roadside attractions that serve as advertisements for something at touristy food courts across the nation. But you still have to appreciate this big ice cream cone that once lived outside of the Häagen-Dazs Navy Pier location in Chicago. Two big scoops of vanilla ice cream …

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WBEZ Statue at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois

When I first saw this sculpture on Navy Pier in Chicago, I thought it was just random jumble of alphabet letters and numbers. But on closer inspection, this sculpture by artist John Adduci spells out “WBEZ 91.5 FM” for WBEZ, the Chicago Public Radio station. WBEZ, which broadcasts National Public Radio programming, civic affairs shows, …

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Popeye's Wimpy Statue in Chester, Illinois

Popeye Wimpy Statue in Chester, Illinois: Popeye Hamburger Guy

We’re finishing up a week of hamburger roadside attractions here on Silly America with a monument to one of the great American icons of the hamburger: J. Wellington Wimpy and the Popeye Wimpy statue in Chester, Illinois. No, J. Wellington Wimpy didn’t invent the hamburger. No, I doubt he ever even made a hamburger. But …

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McDonald's #1 Store Museum in Des Plaines, Illinois

McDonald’s No. 1 Store Museum in Des Plaines, Illinois – CLOSED

The McDonald’s No. 1 Store Museum (McDonald’s Museum) in Des Plaines, Illinois shut down for good after years of flooding kept it closed to the public. The property was completely demolished as of January 2019. A new McDonald’s franchise opened across the street with a handful of exhibits showcasing relics from salvaged from the museum. …

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Burger King that is not the Chain Burger King in Mattoon, Illinois

This Original Burger King in Mattoon, Illinois is Not a Chain

The Burger King in Mattoon, Illinois is not what you’d expect from a typical Burger King chain restaurant. You won’t find a creepy looking life-size puppet king or a 5,000 calorie omelet sandwich or a bacon and cheese Whopper or a cardboard crown that you’d pretend you are taking for your little sister but really …

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The Simpsons Kwik E Mart 7-11 in Chicago, Illinois

The Simpsons 7-Eleven Kwik-E-Mart in Chicago, Illinois (Gone)

Do you love The Simpsons? Come on you HAVE to love the Simpsons! The television show is now celebrating its 20th anniversary and I have been a huge fan since day #1. And by that I mean I used to watch them on the Tracey Ullman show back before they even had their own primetime …

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Giant Volkswagen beetle spider in Avoca, Iowa. | Iowa Roadside Attractions.

Giant Volkswagen Beetle Spider in Avoca, Iowa

What do you get when you mix a spider with a beetle? A giant Volkswagen Beetle Spider, of course! Like this one in Avoca, Iowa. I’m not sure this car/arachnid hybrid is quite what you normally think of when you think Volkswagen bug…but, this Iowa roadside attraction stands heads and shoulders… and eight giant legs… …

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