Hidden Trout Fisherman Statue, a roadside attraction in Niles/Des Plaines, Illinois

Trout Fisherman Statue in Des Plaines, Illinois (Moved)

This giant trout fish and trout fisherman statue was once found tucked away behind a fence and some overgrown greenery on the side of the road in Des Plaines, Illinois. So overgrown was the surrounding foliage, driving down Golf Road on a Chicago road trip, they’d have been easy to miss. Luckily between my and …

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Large Old-Fashioned Iron Sculpture - a roadside attraction in Kansas City, Kansas

Large Old-Fashioned Iron Sculpture in Kansas City, Kansas

Here’s a large old-fashioned iron sculpture that we found on a road trip to in Kansas City, Kansas! The big statue sits in a little triangular plot of grass in a park that divides the roads at Central Avenue, 14th Street, and Wilson Boulevard in town It’s a PRESSING matter that you see this Kansas …

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Hello Kitty Statues at the Lever House Art Collection in New York City.

Hello Kitty Statues in New York City

My number one travel rule (OK, general rule of life) is to always have a camera on hand. Always. Granted I am a little obsessed with taking photos and capturing moments and capturing everything I see. But you just don’t ever want to be caught without one when you really want/need/have to have one.

Walruses on the Arctic Building in Seattle, Washington

The Arctic Building Walrus Heads in Seattle, Washington

I’m sure you’ve all seen buildings dressed with gargoyle accouterments…but how about walruses? The exterior of the Arctic Building in Seattle, Washington is a dotted with twenty-five walrus heads! The Arctic Building was built to excess for people who had excess: those that returned to Seattle after striking it rich in the Klondike Gold Rush. …

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Angie's Umbrella, a sculpture of an upturned umbrella, in Seattle, Washington

Angie’s Umbrella Sculpture in Seattle, Washington

Aside from grunge and the Space Needle and coffee there’s another thing Seattle is famous for: rain. The city gets about 37 inches of waterfall a year and some 200 cloudy days. While some might shy away from a dreary day, others, like myself, relish in it. To me, there is nothing like a day …

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Young Woman, Girl, Mother and Child - a statue by Akio Takamori outside of a Whole Foods in Seattle, Washington.

Akio Takamori’s Young Woman, Girl, Mother and Child

I stumbled upon these statues on my first day vacationing in Seattle. While meticulously following my map from my hotel room in Seattle Center to Capitol Hill, I passed these sculptures and couldn’t help but stop for a moment to check them out. Standing outside of a Whole Foods store there were three seven-foot statues …

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God Bless America - American Gothic Statue by J. Seward Johnson - in Chicago, Illinois.

God Bless America – American Gothic Statue

While much of American culture is based on the philosophy that “bigger is better,” creating something too big can sometimes be controversial. Currently, in Sarasota, Florida, a 25-foot rendering of “The Kiss,” entitled “Unconditional Surrender” is causing a ruckus and debates between supporters and opponents. While some like the piece and believe that it should …

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Moose (W-02-03), a chrome moose statue on Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.

Moose (W-02-03) in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s Michigan Avenue isn’t considered the “Magnificent Mile” for nothing. A stretch along the street plays home to shops galore, restaurants, skyscrapers, and river views that keep tourists coming back. But alongside business and pleasure there is a wacky side to the street that showcases some of the silliest sites Chicago has to offer. Yesterday …

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Jack Brickhouse Memorial Statue in Chicago, Illinois.

Jack Brickhouse Memorial Statue in Chicago, Illinois

Jack Brickhouse was a Chicago sports legend. Although he wasn’t known for swinging a bat or tossing a pitch he was known for his contributions to both of Chicago’s baseball teams as an announcer. From 1948 to 1981 Brickhouse called Cubs games on WGN-TV and had also called for the White Sox until they left …

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The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

You can’t possibly talk about Seattle as a travel destination without talking about the Space Needle! Seattle has one of the most unique skylines in the world. While most are known for skyscrapers, Seattle’s has a slightly shorter alienesque tower that would rival something in a sci-fi movie. The Space Needle was constructed for the …

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