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Roadside Attractions

Pull over for America’s best roadside attractions. Explore the world’s largest things, weird museums, muffler men, tourist traps, and more in these archives of roadside attractions across the country.

Abraham Lincoln Watermelon Monument in Lincoln, Illinois

10 Weird Presidential Monuments & Roadside Attractions

When you think about monuments dedicated to our revered United State’s presidents what do you think of? The Washington Monument? The Lincoln Memorial? Mount Rushmore? Well, how about a giant peanut and a slice of watermelon? For every stoic bronze rendering of a commander in chief...

Maxie: The World's Largest Goose in Sumner, Missouri

The 15 Best Missouri Roadside Attractions

Are you planning a Missouri road trip and want to find all the best Wisconsin roadside attractions along your route? Whether you’ve driving Route 66 or spending a weekend getaway in St. Louis, Kansas City, or Branson, you won’t want to miss these 15 must-see places to go in Missouri...