Roadside Attractions

Gertrude the Cow - giant cow statue in Rockford, Illinois

Gertrude the Cow in Rockford, Illinois

I drove through Rockford, Illinois yesterday, after taking a cheese making class at Angelic Organics in nearby Caledonia. While in town I tracked down this big fiberglass bovine roadside attraction: Gertrude the Cow. The giant cow statue looks over the farm at Lockwood Park Trailside...

The Spindle in Berwyn, Illinois. Also known as cars on a spike or the car kabob. This roadside attraction was torn down in 2008.

The Spindle AKA Car Kabob in Berwyn, Illinois

Created in 1989 by Dustin Shuler, The Spindle (AKA the Car Kabob AKA Cars on a Spike) has graced Cermak Plaza in Berwyn, Illinois for almost as long as I’ve been alive. The spindle sculpture towers above the parked cars in the lot, showcasing vehicles from the late 1960s to early...

Sapp Bros. Coffee Pot Sign in Peru, Illinois

Sapp Bros Coffee Pot Sign in Peru, Illinois

I was told that this Sapp Bros coffee pot sign in Peru, Illinois was the world’s largest coffee pot… I seriously doubt that claim. But while it may not be the world’s largest…or even really a coffee pot…this Illinois roadside attraction was still a pretty...