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Do you know someone who loves nothing more than traveling the open road? Who prefers long car rides to short plane trips? Who will drive anywhere for any reason? If you’re looking for some gift ideas for road trip travelers you know, look no further. We’ve compiled some of the best road trip gift ideas that any traveler would love! From classic essentials to newfangled gadgets, here are our recommendations for the best road trip gift ideas for road trip travelers.


Best Road Trip Gift Ideas for Road Trip Travelers

Best Road Trip Gift Ideas for Road Trip Travelers:


This durable folded map contains information about the top country attractions, itinerary suggestions, a transport guide, planning information, and travel tips. It’s a great reference for on the road and a perfect addition to any road tripper’s glovebox.



Maui Jim Sandy Beach Polarized Sunglasses

Every road trip lover needs a good pair of sunglasses. These lenses feature PolarizedPlus 2 technology, which eliminates reflective, direct, and bounce-back glare — essential features when driving on a sunny highway.



Tile Sport – Key Finder

Attach a tile to your keychain and never lose your keys. It’s a perfect gift for road trippers who are going back and forth from their car to gas stations, roadside attractions, hotels, and more. Moving around so much there’s always the possibility of losing your keys or dropping them between the seats. Pinging the tile from your phone helps you locate just where your keys on.




You never want your phone to go dead when on a road trip. It’s essential for GPS directions, looking up attractions, booking hotels on the go, emergency calls, and taking photos. Every road trip lover needs a USB charger for their car.



MagGrip Car Mount

On a road trip you want to keep your eyes on the road. You also, often, need to check your phone quickly for directions or pick up a hand-free call. This magnetic car mount locks to your air vent keeping your smartphone in place while not blocking any essential car functions



Scratch Off USA Map Poster

Help your favorite road tripper keep track of his or her travels with a scratch-off map of the United States. Complete with stickers and place markers this map will commemorate everywhere a road tripper has traveled.



Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

Every road trip lover needs a good cooler. It’s essential for keeping sodas, waters, and snacks cool on the road, whether they are on a week-long adventure or a day trip to the beach.



Car Back Seat Organizer

No one likes a messy car. A car organizer is the perfect gift for road trip travelers because it keeps all of those essentials   road trip games, snacks, maps — in one place. Get one with an iPad holder and it turns into a TV station for the kids in the back seat.



Road Atlas

Friends don’t let friends get lost on the road. Even though many of us rely on technology nowadays to get us around, sometimes a good old fashioned atlas is necessary. It allows you to see the big picture when driving across the country and if technology fails or you’re out of a service zone, it can come in handy for reference. Every road trip lover should have an atlas in his or her car.



Hum by Verizon

Hum is the ultimate gift for the road trip traveler. Clip this in your car for roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, emergency handling, and vehicle location services. It’s the perfect gift!