How to Road Trip if You Don't Own a Car

How to Road Trip if You Don’t Own a Car

Last year I sold my car. I know what you’re thinking: a road tripper without a car? I know, I know. It was a difficult decision but I’ve been doing a lot of international travel lately and, living in a big city, I just don’t use a car in day-to-day life. I know what else … Read more

Hey Cow! Road Trip Car Game

When taking a road trip, car games are always a fun way to help pass the time! Flopsy the Jackalope, our Silly America mascot, just loves to play games, so he put together some of his favorites just for you! Download and print these tried and true travel games to play on your next trip! … Read more

Ten Top Tips for Road Trips

Ten Top Tips for Road Trips

Planning a road trip can be a fun, but difficult, process. You have to figure out when to go, where to go, who you’re going with, and, most importantly, what crazy stops you’ll stop at along the way! As someone who loves to get in her car and go go go I’ve gathered quite a … Read more