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Giant Solo Paper Cup in Springfield, Missouri

Giant Solo Paper Cup in Springfield, Missouri

I remember, as a child, having a plastic solo cup dispenser in our bathroom. You’d pull from it, one at a time, teeny tiny paper cups. Those teeny tiny paper cups held just enough water for a quick swig before bed or a rinse after brushing your teeth. They didn’t need to be...

UMR Stonehenge Replica in Rolla, Missouri

UMR Stonehenge Replica in Rolla, Missouri

Dubbed “Stubby Stonehenge” by some, the Stonehenge replica at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) campus is half the size of the ancient original. Work began on this structure in 1982 and the stone — 160 tons of Georgia...

Giant Morel Mushroom, a roadside attraction in Nevada, Missouri.

Giant Morel Mushroom in Nevada, Missouri

Holy shiitake – this next Missouri roadside attraction is definitely a fun guy! (Fun guy — fungi — get it? Get it???) This 30-foot giant morel mushroom lives on the side of the road about 3 miles north of Nevada, Missouri and is the biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen. Is this the...

City Museum After Dark in St. Louis, Missouri.

City Museum After Dark (St. Louis, Missouri)

Usually with museums I like to get there early. With the City Museum, it was best to get there LATE. We didn’t even arrive until 9pm, far past when most museums close their doors. But on Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 10pm, they drop the lights so you can explore the whole...