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Midway Village in Rockford, Illinois

Midway Village Old-Time Town in Rockford, Illinois

Midway Village is a town of yesteryear in Rockford Illinois. In the old-time Victorian town, guides dressed in turn-of-the-century wear take you around the village to see how people lived in 1900. The Village showcases 26 historical structures and represents the typical rural town in...

Gertrude the Cow - giant cow statue in Rockford, Illinois

Gertrude the Cow in Rockford, Illinois

I drove through Rockford, Illinois yesterday, after taking a cheese making class at Angelic Organics in nearby Caledonia. While in town I tracked down this big fiberglass bovine roadside attraction: Gertrude the Cow. The giant cow statue looks over the farm at Lockwood Park Trailside...

The Spindle in Berwyn, Illinois. Also known as cars on a spike or the car kabob. This roadside attraction was torn down in 2008.

The Spindle AKA Car Kabob in Berwyn, Illinois

  Created in 1989 by Dustin Shuler, The Spindle (AKA the Car Kabob AKA Cars on a Spike) has graced Cermak Plaza in Berwyn, Illinois for almost as long as I’ve been alive. The spindle sculpture towers above the parked cars in the lot, showcasing vehicles from the late 1960s to...

Smiley Face Water Tower in Atlanta, Illinois

Smiley Face Water Tower in Atlanta, Illinois

Quick photo of the smiley face water tower in Atlanta, Illinois! This water tower must be really happy to live in this midwestern town! This smiley water tower is located on Route 66 and gives a warm welcome to those visiting the rural town, driving the Mother Road, stopping by to check...