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Do you love traveling to festivals on your road trips? Browse and archive of fun and weird festivals you have to see to believe.

Steep Canyon Rangers at RedBone Willy's Bluegrass Festival

RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass Festival

Saturday we went to RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival in Lawndale, North Carolina! After a fun day of visiting roadside attractions around Winston-Salem, Sadie and I left her place early for the drive to the festival. And on our way we stopped for some...

Taste of Chicago, annual festival in Chicago, Illinois

Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago is the biggest food festival in the city each year. If you ask, nine out of ten Chicagoans will tell you that the Taste of Chicago is horrible, expensive, crowded, not worth the time.* If you ask someone like me, that tenth kind of girl, you’ll get someone who...