Chicago to Southgate, Michigan Road Trip Recap

Apparently Michigan is in the Eastern time zone. In retrospect I probably already knew that but it never occurred to me to even check. Luckily, I was alerted to this fact the night before I was taking my Southgate, Michigan road trip and driving from Chicago to Detroit (or, at least, close to Detroit) and …

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Men made from tires, a roadside attraction in Rapid City, South Dakota

Men Made From Tires in Rapid City, South Dakota

A couple of friendly-looking men made from tires stand outside of the Tires Tires Tires tire shop (now The Tire Guys) one of the tire shops in Rapid City, South Dakota! Take a look: These red, white, and blue rubber figures were built by Ron Tyrrell, the man who owns Tires, Tires, Tires, the shop …

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Moomaw America's Hippie Memorial, the one and only Hippie Memorial, a roadside attraction in Arcola, Illinois

One and Only Hippie Memorial in Arcola, Illinois

Just down the block from the former Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum is another awesome Illinois roadside attraction: The World’s One and Only Hippie Memorial. The monument spans 62 feet across alongside the railroad tracks in Arcola, Illinois. It was built by local Bob Moomaw. He had worked as both a tax assessor and railroad …

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Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum in Arcola, Illinois

Raggedy Ann Museum in Arcola, Illinois (Closed)

Yesterday I shared the sad news that the Raggedy Ann Museum in Arcola, Illinois would be closing its doors later this year. A couple of years ago I headed to Arcola on an Illinois road trip (where I also saw the Gays two-story outhouse and the World’s Largest Cross), unfortunately I didn’t have time to …

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Fiberglass Little Green Sprout statue holds a beer and a pizza box outside of a gas station in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Little Green Sprout in Blue Earth, Minnesota

In the 1970s the Jolly Green Giant made a new friend: Little Green Sprout. Since 1972 this little green guy has been the giant’s apprentice and right hand…well, little green guy! This little green guy (well, littler that the giant statue) from the Green Giant brand hangs out at a gas station in Blue Earth, …

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Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota

Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota

What’s big, green, and laughs like Santa Claus? The Jolly Green Giant of course! We all know the lovable mascot from cans of corn and peas, so if you happen to be driving through Minnesota, check the life-size Jolly Green Giant statue out in person! The Jolly Green Giant was created by the advertising firm …

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Giant Western Mouse in Cowboy Hat in Oakdale, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Roadside Attractions

Giant Western Mouse in Cowboy Hat in Oakdale, Wisconsin

Welcome to Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland! Cheese shops aren’t always the only cheesy destinations in the state that feature giant mice roadside attractions! At a truck stop parking lot in Oakdale, Wisconsin, you can find another big rodent! This giant Western mouse in cowboy hat wears bright blue jeans, a red shirt, a yellow bandana, brown …

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Giant Mouse at Mousehouse Cheesehaus in Windsor, Wisconsin | Cheese Shop in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Roadside Attractions

Mousehouse Cheesehaus in Windsor, Wisconsin

SAY CHEESE! If there is one thing Wisconsin is known for, it’s cheese! And boy does the state like to celebrate it, often with a cheese shop on every corner! While I’m sure cheese shops are not unique to the state of Wisconsin, they certainly aren’t hard to find there. Because of the plethora of …

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Metropolis Video Log – Road Trip to Metropolis, Illinois

And now it’s time for an extra special treat to wrap up the recap of my Metropolis road trip: a Metropolis Video Log! Here’s a video I put together with some clips from the road! I saw so many Illinois roadside attractions like the I-57 Abraham Lincoln, the World’s Largest Cross in Effingham, the Super …

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Giant Abraham Lincoln statue off of I-57 in Kankakee, Illinois.

The Elusive I-57 Lincoln Statue in Kankakee, Illinois

On I-57 when you reach Kankakee/Bourbonnais in Illinois you might see a familiar face. A giant statue of Abraham Lincoln (our 16th president) stands amongst construction lifts in the lot at Alexander Equipment Rental Inc &mndash; a local heavy equipment renter. While this roadside attraction is not the largest Lincoln in Illinois or the youngest …

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